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Lowcountry Property Management | How Long Does a Property Showing Take?

Lowcountry Property Management

One of the most time-consuming parts of renting out properties is touring the unit with prospective tenants. Sometimes, Lowcountry Property Management companies spend their entire day showing homes to one person, couple, or family, after another. By the end of the day a great property manager’s voice with be hoarse, their feet sore, but a stack of applications will be in their hands.

New property managers often do not understand how to budget time for property showings. Some people will walk into a property, take a quick peek around, and then leave, without saying much to you. Others will take their time, opening every door, cabinet, and window to inspect the home, asking lots of questions, and make sure it is their dream rental home.

When you work in Lowcountry Property Management, however, you must learn to balance these showings and keep to a tight schedule to work efficiently. The consensus is that a property showing should take between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the size of the property. However, the entire appointment for the prospective tenant could take longer.

Steps to Property Showing

The tenant should meet the Lowcountry Property management representative at the home they are interested in renting.

  1. Greet the tenant and provide them with any literature you have on the home.
  2. Give a quick tour of the exterior of the property including highlights such as a recently redone deck or patio, a spacious backyard, or heated garage.
  3. Take the tenants into the home through the entrance they would use if they were to move in if there are multiple entrances.
  4. Move the tenants through each room pointing out highlights such as new hardwood floors, countertops, or appliances. Make sure to not oversell.
  5. Stand back and give tenants a few minutes to look around each room but aim to spend no more than 2-4 minutes in each.
  6. After the showing, ask the tenants to complete their application for the property onsite or back at the rental office.

Showing the property is the top way to get the home rented; however, you need a professional property manager to make the most of your property and every tour.

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