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8 Rental Listing Scams And Ways To Avoid Them | Charleston Property Management Company

Charleston Property Management Company

Owning and renting out property can be lucrative, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges and risks, mainly due to rental scams that have become prevalent. Property owners can, however, safeguard their investments and avoid rental scams by enlisting the expertise of a trusted Charleston property management company.

In this blog post, experts from Scott Properties Charleston explore how property management companies play a crucial role in protecting your assets and list down a few common listing scams you should be aware of.

Common Rental Listing Scams

Rental listing scams are schemes where fraudsters pose as landlords or property managers to deceive potential renters and extract money from them. These scams often take advantage of individuals searching for rental properties online. Here are some common rental listing scams to be aware of:

1. Phantom Rentals: In this scam, a scammer creates a fake rental listing for a property that doesn’t exist or isn’t available for rent. They may use photos and descriptions from legitimate listings to make it look convincing. Once a potential renter shows interest, the scammer asks for an upfront deposit or application fee and disappears with the money.

2. Too Good to Be True: Scammers may list rental properties at unrealistically low prices to attract a large number of interested renters. They typically claim the low price is due to urgent circumstances such as a job transfer or personal issues. Once potential renters express interest, the scammer will ask for an upfront fee or deposit without allowing them to view the property.

3. Bait-and-Switch: In this scam, a legitimate rental property is advertised, but when potential renters inquire, they are told that the property is no longer available. The scammer then tries to convince them to consider other, often more expensive, properties they have available.

4. Fake Landlords or Property Managers: Scammers may impersonate legitimate landlords or property managers by using their names, contact information, or logos to create fake listings. Unsuspecting renters may communicate with these scammers, who will request deposits or fees before the property is viewed.

5. Nonexistent Keys: In some scams, scammers claim they can’t show the property but offer to send the keys by mail after receiving a deposit. Victims send money, but the keys never arrive, and the scammer disappears.

6. Overseas Landlords: Scammers may claim to be abroad landlords who can’t meet renters in person but ask for payments or deposits upfront. These transactions can be difficult to trace, making it challenging for victims to recover their money.

7. Identity Theft: Some scammers may use fake rental applications to collect personal and financial information from potential renters, putting them at risk of identity theft.

8. Pressure Tactics: Scammers may use high-pressure tactics to rush potential renters into making quick decisions or payments, making it difficult for victims to conduct due diligence.

How Our Charleston Property Management Company Can Protect You from These Scams?

Verified Marketing and Advertising:

Property management companies have established marketing and advertising channels that are trustworthy and legitimate. They ensure your property is listed on reputable platforms, reducing the risk of fraudulent listings and scams. Plus, they use professional photos and accurate property descriptions to attract genuine tenants.

In-Person Property Showings: | Charleston Property Management Company

One common rental scam involves scammers posing as landlords who refuse to meet prospective tenants in person. On the other hand, property management companies arrange in-person property showings. This ensures potential renters can physically inspect the property, reducing the likelihood of scams.

Secure Payment Handling:

Rental scams often involve upfront payments or wire transfers to fraudulent accounts. Property management companies handle rent collection and financial transactions securely. They have established processes that minimize the risk of payment-related scams, protecting your rental income.

Knowledge of Local Laws: | Charleston Property Management Company

Property management companies are well-versed in local, state, and federal housing laws. They ensure that all aspects of the rental process, including tenant interactions and lease agreements, comply with legal requirements. This legal expertise is invaluable in avoiding potential legal pitfalls associated with scams.

Rapid Response to Issues:

If a scam is attempted, property management companies have the resources and expertise to address the issue promptly. They can take legal action, report scams to the authorities, and protect your interests effectively.

Get Help from Our Charleston Property Management Company to Avoid Listing Scams

Rental scams are a growing concern for property owners, but they can be effectively mitigated by enlisting the services of a reputable Charleston property management company.

Contact us at Scott Properties Charleston to safeguard your assets and ensure a profitable and scam-free rental experience.

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When Can You Evict A Tenant? | Charleston Property Management Company

Charleston property management company

As a rental property owner in Charleston, SC, evicting a tenant is one of the most challenging things you will face. Unlike other types of contracts, eviction has state and federal laws governing it. Even if the lease is enforced, landlords must adhere to state and federal laws regarding eviction procedures and timelines. While the eviction process is complex, working with a professional Charleston property management company can help make it easier.

Scott Properties of Charleston offers comprehensive property management services in South Carolina for landlords. Our team of experienced rental managers can help you understand the complexities of the eviction process and provide guidance when it becomes necessary to go through with it.

In today’s blog post, we’ll explain all the bases you must cover when it comes to tenant eviction in Charleston.

What Are the Grounds for Eviction? | Charleston Property Management Company

Before initiating an eviction, it’s essential to understand when it is legally permissible. Generally speaking, there are two grounds for evicting a tenant:

First, tenants may be evicted if they have violated their lease agreement by failing to pay rent or for breaking other terms that have been agreed upon. For instance, if the tenant has pets when no animals are allowed in the rental unit or has failed to abide by any other rules stated in the lease agreement.

Second, tenants may also be evicted if they remain on a property after their lease agreement has expired and they have not renewed it.

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What Is the Eviction Process? | Charleston Property Management Company

An experienced Charleston property management company can help you understand the timeline and process of evicting a tenant. Generally, it follows these steps:

1. Serve the Tenant with an Eviction Notice

The first step to evicting tenants is serving them with a valid eviction notice. This document must include your name, the reason for the eviction, and a timeline within which they must vacate the property.

2. File for an Unlawful Detainer Lawsuit | Charleston Property Management

If the tenant has failed to comply or vacate the premises after receiving an eviction notice, you must file for an Unlawful Detainer Lawsuit in a local court.

3. Receive a Judgment

The judge presiding over the case will decide whether the tenant should be evicted and issue a judgment accordingly. Our Charleston property management company will be by your side every step of the way.

4. Execution of the Judgment

Once the judge has rendered a judgment, you must file an execution with the court. The court will then issue a writ of possession that grants you access to the property and allows you to evict the tenant.

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Evicting a tenant is never easy, but having a professional Charleston property management company on your side can help make the experience a bit smoother. With our expertise and knowledge of local landlord-tenant law, our rental managers can ensure you are following the proper procedures and provide guidance when needed.

Your Trusted Charleston Property Management Company Can Help with Evictions!

At Scott Properties of Charleston, we understand that evicting tenants is rarely a pleasant experience for any party involved. That’s why we aim to make the eviction process as efficient and straightforward as possible. From filing the requisite paperwork to helping you understand the legal process, our rental managers provide comprehensive services and support every step of the way.

We also provide tenant screening services, rent collection assistance, and ongoing maintenance and upkeep for your rental property. With our Charleston property management company, you can rest assured that your rental property is efficiently managed and in good hands.

Contact us today to learn how our expert team can help you manage your rental property.

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Choosing The Right Charleston Property Company For Rental Marketing: Tips & Insights

Charleston Property Company

Introducing effective rental marketing services for property owners in Charleston is crucial in today’s competitive market. With the rising demand for expert assistance, finding the right rental marketing company is pivotal for success. At Scott Properties Charleston, we understand the significance of making the right choice to achieve rental success. In this blog post, we’ll delve into key considerations for selecting a Charleston property company for rental marketing, ensuring that your property garners the attention it deserves.

Why Professional Rental Marketing Matters | Charleston Property Company

In the bustling Charleston rental market, standing out is essential. With numerous properties vying for attention, employing effective strategies is crucial. This is where partnering with a trusted rental marketing company comes in. A reliable Charleston property company will understand the local dynamics and can tailor marketing efforts to highlight the unique aspects of your property. With expertise in the area, they grasp the market’s pulse, ensuring your property receives the exposure it needs.

The benefits of collaborating with a marketing company extend beyond visibility. They also have experience in creating compelling listings, employing strategic pricing strategies, and effectively targeting potential tenants. This ensures increased inquiries and a higher likelihood of securing quality tenants. In the competitive realm of Charleston’s property market, a professional marketing partner can make all the difference.

Key Considerations for Choosing a Rental Marketing Company| Charleston Property Company

1. Expertise in Charleston’s Rental Market

Expertise in Charleston’s dynamic market is paramount when seeking a rental marketing company. Look for a partner with a deep understanding of the local rental landscape. This ensures tailored marketing strategies that align with your property’s unique features and appeal to prospective tenants.

2. A Proven Track Record and Client Testimonials | Charleston Property Company

A reputable Charleston property company should have a proven track record of success. Look for client testimonials and positive reviews as indicators of their credibility. This demonstrates their ability to deliver effective marketing solutions.

3. A Comprehensive and Targeted Marketing Approach

Opt for a company that offers comprehensive services covering various aspects of rental marketing. A holistic approach is vital, from online presence management to strategic pricing strategies. Additionally, focus on a company that employs targeted marketing campaigns to reach the right audience.

4. Tailored Strategies for Your Audience | Charleston Property Company

Effective rental marketing requires strategies tailored to your property’s unique selling points and the preferences of potential tenants. Ensure the marketing company has a personalized approach that resonates with Charleston’s diverse tenant base.

5. Emphasis on Quality Tenant Leads

Look for a Charleston property company that prioritizes quality tenant leads over quantity. Thorough tenant screening is essential to ensure that the leads you receive are genuinely interested and meet your criteria for reliable tenancy.

Discover Rental Success with an Experienced Charleston Property Company

Ready to elevate your Charleston property’s rental potential? Trust the experts at Scott Properties Charleston for comprehensive rental marketing and property management services. With a proven track record, personalized strategies, and a commitment to quality leads, we’re your partner in achieving rental success.

Contact us today to discuss how we can enhance your property’s visibility, attract quality tenants, and maximize your rental income.

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Common Challenges Of Renting Out Your Home | Charleston Property Management Services

Charleston Property Company

Are you looking for a way to make extra income with your property? Renting out your home is an excellent way to do so. But it’s not without its challenges. After all, you’re taking on the responsibility of being a landlord and managing all the elements that come with it. That’s why it’s crucial to seek help from expert property managers like Scott Properties of Charleston to manage your rental property. Our premier Charleston property management services cover the whole gamut of your property management needs, whether you’re a first-time landlord or an experienced property owner.

Here are some common challenges of renting out your home and how our Charleston property management services can help:

1. Dealing with Tenants Who Don’t Pay Rent

Having tenants who don’t pay their rent on time is one of property owners’ biggest concerns. Not only does it hurt the bottom line, but it also can create a difficult situation between you and the tenant.

To avoid this from happening, you need to be able to screen tenants properly and have a strong lease agreement in place. At Scott Properties of Charleston, our expert property managers are experienced in handling all aspects of tenant screening and can even help develop an airtight lease agreement. Our comprehensive tenant screening process helps ensure all tenants have an excellent rental history and can pay rent on time.

2. Maintenance and Repairs | Charleston Property Management Services

Keeping your property in prime condition requires regular maintenance and repairs. After all, no tenant wants to live in a home with stale carpets, faulty plumbing, or broken fixtures. While these issues may seem minor, they can add up if not addressed quickly and properly.

Our professional Charleston property management services include maintenance and repair services as part of our package. Our expert property managers can handle all minor repairs, like changing light bulbs or replacing a broken window. We also provide regular preventive maintenance to maintain your property throughout the year.

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3. Evictions | Charleston Property Management Services

If you ever have to deal with a difficult tenant, you know that evictions can be an arduous process. Fortunately, our expert property managers know the ins and outs of eviction law and can help you navigate the process quickly and painlessly.

We take all the necessary steps to ensure that your tenant is treated fairly while protecting your rights as a property owner. But if it comes time to evict, you can count on us to take care of the entire process – from filing the proper paperwork to dealing with any disputes.

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Don’t Let Property Management Become a Headache – Work with Scott Properties of Charleston!

Managing a rental property can be overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be. Put your trust in the team of expert property managers at Scott Properties of Charleston and let us take care of everything for you. All your property needs are covered, from tenant screening and evictions to maintenance and repairs.

If you’re ready to take the stress out of managing your rental property, hire our Charleston Property Management Services today. Our friendly staff will happily answer any questions you have about our services. So don’t wait – get started now and enjoy peace of mind knowing your property is in good hands.

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Why Outsource Property Management To A Charleston Property Company?

Charleston Property Company

Navigating the complexities of property management requires a strategic approach, often best achieved through outsourcing. As property owners in Charleston seek efficient solutions, the expertise of a reputable partner like Scott Properties Charleston becomes invaluable. This article unveils the compelling advantages of entrusting property management to seasoned experts. Discover how outsourcing to a Charleston Property Company can streamline your operations, enhance tenant experiences, and ultimately optimize the performance of your valuable investment.

How a Charleston Property Company Can Benefit You

1. Time Savings and Reduced Stress

Navigating the intricacies of property management demands time and effort. A Charleston property company eases this burden by handling day-to-day operations, from tenant inquiries to maintenance requests. This lets property owners focus on other priorities while enjoying reduced stress levels.

2. Experts in Their Field

Expertise is key in maintaining property value and attracting quality tenants. A property management company brings this expertise, leveraging its experience to handle property-related challenges efficiently. Their understanding of local regulations and market trends ensures your property remains competitive.

3. A Charleston Property Company Will Provide Efficient Tenant Management

Tenant relations can be demanding. A property management company ensures streamlined tenant management, from screening and placement to rent collection and conflict resolution. This fosters positive tenant experiences and minimizes disruptions.

Aside: Discover how to find the right property management company

4. Financial Management and Reporting

Property finances require meticulous oversight. A property management company ensures well-managed financial matters, including rent collection, budgeting, and expense tracking. Regular financial reporting keeps property owners informed.

5.  A Charleston Property Company Will Ensure Excellence in Maintenance

Timely maintenance is crucial for tenant satisfaction and property value. A management company coordinates maintenance and repairs, ensuring properties are well-maintained, and issues are addressed promptly.

6. Enhanced Peace of Mind

The complexities of property management can be overwhelming. Entrusting these responsibilities to experts brings peace of mind. Property management companies also offer emergency response services, addressing property issues promptly and reducing property owners’ stress.


In property management, the benefits of partnering with a Charleston property company are undeniable. The advantages are substantial, from time savings and expert insights to efficient tenant management and enhanced peace of mind. By outsourcing the intricate tasks of property management, property owners can fully focus on their priorities while ensuring their investments flourish. Embrace the expertise of a trusted partner to navigate the complexities of property management and experience the true potential of your valuable assets.

Unlock Your Property’s Potential with the Charleston Property Company You Can Trust

Ready to experience the transformative benefits of professional property management? Elevate your property ownership journey with Scott Properties Charleston. Our expert team specializes in streamlining operations, tenant management, financial transparency, maintenance excellence, and overall property optimization. Partner with us to unlock the true potential of your investments. Discover more about how our property management services can enhance your ownership experience.

Contact us today and embark on a stress-free and profitable property management journey.

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Maximize Rental Value With Property Management Services | Property Management Company Charleston

property management company Charleston

As a property owner in South Carolina, managing a rental property can be challenging. The responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring the property is well-maintained.
  • Finding good tenants.
  • Collecting rent.
  • Dealing with any issues that arise.

This can be time-consuming and overwhelming for property owners who have other commitments. However, hiring a property management company in Charleston can help property owners maximize rental value while minimizing the stress of managing a rental property.

Find Tenants | Property Management Company Charleston

A property management company in Charleston can help owners find tenants quickly and efficiently. They can market the rental property effectively to attract potential renters, conduct thorough background checks, and handle lease agreements. The company can also manage all aspects of the tenant relationship, including collecting rent, responding to maintenance requests, and handling disputes.

Complete Maintenance | Property Management Company Charleston

One main benefit of hiring a rental property manager is that they can ensure the property is well-maintained. The property management company can conduct regular inspections to identify maintenance issues and promptly handle repairs. This prevents small issues from becoming major problems that can cost more to fix in the long run.

Compliance with Legal Requirements

Property management companies can also help ensure that the rental property complies with all legal requirements. This includes obtaining all necessary permits, adhering to safety and health regulations, and following fair housing laws. Failure to comply with these prerequisites can result in legal issues that can be costly and time-consuming for property owners.

Reduce the Risk | Property Management Company Charleston

Working with a property management company in Charleston also reduces the risk of rental income loss. The company can handle rent collection and ensure that tenants pay on time. They can also handle any evictions that may be necessary and manage the rental property during vacancies. This ensures that property owners receive a steady stream of rental income and avoid the financial losses that can occur with vacant rental properties.

Enjoy Peace of Mind – Work with a Property Management Company in Charleston

Knowing that your property is in good hands and being managed by professionals can alleviate the stress and worries of managing a rental property and allow you to focus on other important aspects of your life, such as your family, business, or other passion.


Working with rental property management in Charleston can help property owners maximize rental value while minimizing stress. Property management companies can manage all factors of a property, including finding tenants, maintaining the property, ensuring legal compliance, collecting rent, and managing tenant relationships. Working with a property management company can help you avoid the challenges of managing a rental property and enjoy the benefits of rental income without stress.

Scott Properties of Charleston is a property management company in Charleston that specializes in helping property owners rent out their houses. We have the expertise to market the property effectively, find suitable tenants, and manage all parts of the tenant relationship. By working with Scott Properties Charleston, property owners can enjoy the advantages of rental income without the stress of managing the property.

Contact us to explore more about our rental property management services.

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Maintenance And Repairs: Property Management Best Practices | Management of Properties in Charleston

Management of Properties in Charleston

Maintenance and repairs are crucial aspects of real estate management that you cannot overlook. Properly maintaining and repairing a property ensures that its value is preserved and that tenants are satisfied with their living conditions. This post will discuss best practices for maintenance and repairs in the management of properties in Charleston.

Regular Maintenance | Management of Properties in Charleston

This is imperative for the preservation and smooth functioning of a property. It includes cleaning common areas, inspecting for pest infestations, and checking the heating and cooling systems. Property management staff usually schedule and perform routine maintenance or outsource this to a professional service provider. Regular maintenance helps prevent major issues and ensures the property is always in good condition.

Prompt Repairs

Repairs are another important aspect of property management. When a tenant reports a problem, the property manager should respond promptly and schedule repairs as quickly as possible. Failure to address issues promptly can lead to more significant problems, ultimately costing more to fix. When repairs are needed, it is crucial to call upon qualified professionals with the expertise and experience necessary to do the job correctly.

Preventive Maintenance

Another best maintenance and repair practice is implementing a preventive maintenance program. This involves scheduling regular inspections and maintenance tasks to identify and address potential issues before they become significant problems. Preventive maintenance can include changing air filters, cleaning gutters, and inspecting the roof for damage. By proactively addressing potential issues, property managers can avoid costly repairs and ensure the property remains in top condition.

Maintain a Log | Management of Properties in Charleston

It’s imperative to keep accurate records of maintenance and repairs. Property managers should log all maintenance tasks and repairs performed on the property. This information allows you to maintain a property history, which can be helpful when selling the property or applying for financing. Accurate records also help property managers identify recurring issues requiring more attention. Proper management of properties in Charleston requires dedication and hard work.

Improve Energy Efficiency

In addition to regular maintenance and repairs, property managers should also take steps to improve the property’s energy efficiency. Energy-efficient upgrades can reduce utility costs and increase the value of the property. Upgrades may include installing energy-efficient windows, upgrading insulation, or replacing older appliances with more energy-efficient models. By investing in energy-efficient upgrades, property managers can improve the property’s bottom line and attract more tenants.

Efficient Management of Properties in Charleston is Imperative

Maintenance and repairs are critical to the effective management of properties in Charleston. Regular maintenance, timely repairs, preventive maintenance, accurate record-keeping, and energy-efficient upgrades are all essential best practices that property managers should implement. By taking these steps, they can ensure that their properties are in top condition, that tenants are satisfied, and that the property’s value is preserved.

Scott Properties of Charleston is committed to providing exceptional property management services in Charleston. With years of experience, our team can ensure that your property is well-maintained, repairs are promptly addressed, and tenants are satisfied. We also offer comprehensive reporting and record-keeping, so you always have up-to-date facts on the status of your property.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with the management of properties in Charleston.

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Avoid These Property Investment Mistakes | Property Management Company

charleston property management company

Purchasing rental property is a great way to build wealth that can maximize your profits for generations. Housing will always be needed so the investment is likely to be a good one. However, investors who are new to rental homes can easily fall into a few pitfalls that can set them back on their investments. A good property management company in Charleston can help you avoid some of the most common mistakes investors make, but knowing them ahead of time can save you a lot of money and hassle. 

Most Common Mistakes Investors Make

  1. Violating Housing and Building Codes: When you invest in real estate, it is imperative to know the ins and outs of building and housing codes. When homes are not compliant with building and housing codes or ordinances, fines can be issued. Homes can also be deemed uninhabitable with renters being displaced which can cause legal troubles for an investor and property management company in Charleston.
  2. Charging the Wrong Rent: Some investors price rent too high while others go way too low. The rental market in Charleston is huge, and market rent can quickly fluctuate. Working with a property management company in Charleston can help investors charge a rent amount that turns a profit and keeps residents releasing. 
  3. Underestimating Costs: When choosing a property to invest in, you must consider additional costs to have a home ready to rent. Many first time investors purchase fixer-uppers with the intentions of renting or selling with a huge profit, but underestimate the repair costs. Investing too much money upfront makes the time to become profitable much longer.

There are many nuances to investing, portfolio building, and providing quality housing for tenants. Once you’re ready to start moving tenants in, a property management company in Charleston can step in to get your profits rolling. Property managers will take over the day-to-day operations of your rental including leasing, communicating with tenants, and scheduling maintenance. Don’t let the do-it-yourself mindset stand in the way of operating an efficient rental company, hire property management today!

If you need property management services in Charleston, give Scott Properties of Charleston a call at 843-790-4929

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When Carpet Cleaning be Scheduled for Rentals? | Property Management Company

461 Truman

One of the things that never ends for property management companies in Charleston SC is the supply of maintenance requests from tenants of rental properties. Keeping homes in good condition is a big job, especially when you get the occasional tenant who has little regard for the property. 

Property management companies in Charleston SC make owning rental property easy because they handle all the day-to-day tenant calls for maintenance and other issues. Not only that, but a property manager can inspect the rental, schedule updates, and make sure the property is made good as new between tenants. 

Carpet Cleaning Requests

Carpets are generally so torn up between tenants that it is best to replace the carpet before showing the rental home to new, potential renters. However, professional carpet cleaning is one of the most frequently asked for maintenance requests. Some property management companies in Charleston SC offer a free, professional carpet cleaning once per year when tenants renew their lease. Sometimes, property managers can schedule carpet cleanings on as needed basis for tenants who request them. 

Sometimes, if a professional carpet cleaning service is not an option, maintenance technicians can use a carpet cleaning machine to complete a DIY cleaning for tenants. It is not uncommon for property management companies in Charleston SC to only schedule professional carpet cleaning when tenants move out if the carpet does not need to be replaced. Some property managers will extend carpet cleaning to encourage tenant retention, but a rental company will work with the property owner to create a plan that works for everyone. 

Fees for carpet cleaning are usually applied to the deposit if carpets are soiled and stained after the tenant moves out. Some property management leases require tenants to have the carpets cleaned as part of the moveout process with an inspection to verify. For best practices, ensure all leases outline procedures around carpet cleaning and other maintenance requests. 

If you are interested in Scott Properties managing your rental properties, call us today at 843-790-4929.

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Property Management Companies in Charleston SC | 2022 Property Management Trends

Property Management Companies in Charleston SC

The last few years have been nothing short of a roller coaster for property management companies in Charleston SC and everywhere else around the world. Many companies had to quickly transfer most of the operations to digital formats, including showing rental homes, meeting with investors and vendors, and leasing properties during the COVID-19 Pandemic. However, in 2022 property managers and property owners are now in a place where they know everywhere they need to invest to move forward successfully in their businesses. 

The top trends for property management companies in Charleston SC are the following in 2022:

  • Investing in Legal Services:

    The covid-19 pandemic has opened up investors’ and property managers’ eyes to the need to prioritize legal services. When eviction moratoriums are put into place, rental property owners and managers need to know what recourse they have to protect their investment. Having a legal advisor on staff is a trend every property management company should invest in.

  • Digital Property Management Tools:

    Most professional property management companies in Charleston SC have been using digital tools in their business for some time. The last few years have shown a need for more detailed reporting and communication which has made owner portals more popular than ever. Resident portals are also a super convenient way for tenants to make maintenance requests, pay rent online, make referrals, or send messages to management. Property management companies are also upgrading their websites to include virtual tours and online application processes.

  • Digital Marketing:

    Almost everyone has a smartphone and digital access to so much has created an expectation that that access will always be there. Most property management companies in Charleston SC have found success in keeping properties full by investing in digital marketing strategists. 

These property trends are important to keep informed on when working in property management. If you own rental properties, partnering with a property management company that understands the business trends that will make you successful is vital to getting the best return on your investments. 

If you are ready to partner with a property management company in Charleston, call Scott Properties at 843-790-4929.