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Charleston Property Management in SC | What Are The Perks of Living in Charleston, SC?

Pineapple Fountain - Joe Wiley Waterfront Park

Have you recently graduated from college and are looking for the best places around the United States to apply for jobs in your field? Are you a wanderer trying to decide where to go next? Have you been allowed to start over but have no idea where to begin again? Charleston property management in SC will tell you that there is no better place to live than Charleston, South Carolina. Not only does Charleston have fantastic beaches, as well as rich culture and history, but there are dozens of reasons why this charming southern town is the perfect place for anyone to rent a home.

Perfect for Young Professionals – Charleston property management in SC are often renting single-family homes to graduate students who are fresh out of one of the colleges in town and starting their careers and families. The Medical University of South Carolina is also located here, which means the area is full of medical professionals.

Family Friendly – If you’re moving to town, don’t forget to ask your Charleston property management in SC company for tips of fun things for your family to do in town. Charleston has some of the highest-rated school systems in the state, as well as many parks, museums, and other great attractions.

Retire Here – The AARP consistently names Charleston has one of the best places to retire in the United States. There are retirement communities where seniors can live but also plenty of neighborhoods that are majority retirees, and smaller single-family homes for rent if a mortgage isn’t something you’re interested in!

Booming Economy – Over the last few years, more than one billion dollars have been invested in Charleston businesses and new business creation. The economy is thriving with Volvo, Boeing, and the universities and medical complexes, and the US military is some of the major employers. There are also many opportunities in tourism, with more than 5 million annual visitors.

Charleston is one of the most famous cities in the United States for the population as well as tourism, which means there is always something to do and see. Charleston is a stable city with job opportunities and a fantastic education system, and you’re sure to love the amazing single-family homes for rent with Charleston property management in SC.

If you’re ready to start finding your dream home to rent in Charleston, call Scott Properties today at 843-790-4929.

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Charleston Property Company | Do You Need An LLC?

Charleston Property Management

If you own rental property, you should consider if you need to establish an LLC for your business. An LLC is a limited liability company that protects owners from the debts or liability of the company. The limitation of liability is the top reason for property owners to form an LLC for their Charleston property company, but there are many other reasons as well.

Pass-Through Taxation – Business and property owners may have heard about pass-through taxation, which is a unique benefit to LLCs. This means that all profits earned from the business “pass-through” directly to the owner of the LLC who will file the business taxes. This means that earnings are not taxed before being distributed. When starting a Charleston property company, this can free up a lot of cash to invest back into your business or pay for expenses. However, many LLCs are responsible for paying a large sum of taxes after filing.

Multiple Ownership – Sometimes, there are multiple people involved in purchasing investment homes, and an LLC enables businesses to have 75+ owners all listed as members. Nonresident aliens can also be owners as well as corporations, and ownership is allowed to be disproportionate between owners and can be determined outside of investment percentage. Membership is anonymous for LLCs and can be beneficial if you don’t want your neighbors to know what business you own.

Losses Over Profits – An LLC allows the business to claim losses above each individual’s owner’s investment, which can relieve individual tax burdens. Owners are also able to be active in managing their Charleston property company without losing the benefits of limited personal liability.

If your property investment company or Charleston property company doesn’t have multiple owners, make over $100,000 per year in profits, or are not looking for anonymity, you might not need an LLC for your business.

Scott Properties in Charleston can help you manage your rental properties so you can focus on your business. Call us today at 843-790-4929 to discuss your properties.

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Charleston Property Management in SC | How to Write Great Rental Listings

Charleston Property Management

Charleston property management in SC is a competitive field with more than 260 homes listed for rent on Zillow at the time of this writing in Charleston and more than 700 apartments. This might seem like a lot of houses for rent. Still, with the continually growing population of the metropolitan area and surrounding communities, these homes rent quickly when the listings are well-written.

What Should Be Included in a Rental Listing?

The best rental listings will always have a defined target audience. Charleston property management in SC understands great listings being targets towards retirees will read differently than a listing for millennials or expanding families. Property managers should also know the details of the neighborhood, such as the school district, nearby amenities, and crime rates, and while it may seem obvious, the details of the home are essential to know.

You might be surprised at how often a listing has the wrong number of bedrooms, bathrooms, or square footage shown. You should also know if there is a garage, driveaway for off-street parking, fenced-in yard, swimming pools, or other stand-out features of the property. These details will also help interested renters see the value of the rent.

The most important factor to list is the price of rent and how to contact the Charleston property management in SC for a showing of the rental home. If the reader doesn’t know how to contact the property manager, the deal will never be completed.

Choose Your Words Carefully

Charleston property management in SC knows how important it is to choose your wording carefully when listing a property for rent. You want to avoid using superlatives, such as “the best” or “great.” Instead, focus on showing, not telling, the renter why the property stands out by using descriptions and details.  One example is rather than say, “this bedroom has the best views in town,” try, “The Master Bedroom has a balcony overlooking the immaculate backyard landscaping with views of the nearby lake and public park.”

If you’re looking for Charleston property management in SC, call Scott Properties at 843-790-4929.

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Charleston Property Management | Why Your Renter’s Need Renters Insurance

Charleston - Scott Properties of Charleston

Working in Charleston property management, you probably know that most renter’s think they don’t need renter’s insurance. Many tenants of single-family homes believe that their possessions are covered over their landlord’s insurance coverage; however, they are mistaken. Property managers should consider adding a renter’s insurance requirement in their leases but also need to be prepared to explain to tenants the benefits.

Relocation Costs for Tenant – If something catastrophic happens where tenants are forced to find new accommodations, some renter’s insurance policies will cover temporary housing until they can move back into the home. If the tenant doesn’t have renter’s insurance and the home burns down or floods, they may expect the Charleston property management company to pay for their new accommodations and cover relocation expenses.

Liability – Your landlord liability policy probably doesn’t cover injuries or property damage due to tenant carelessness or neglect; however, renters insurance protects the renter’s personal property as well as covers personal liability if one of the renter’s guests is injured in the home. Without renter’s insurance, the injured person could potentially sue the homeowner or Charleston property management company.

Insurance Rates –The more claims a Charleston property management has to make on their insurance, the higher their rates could be at renewal or if they switch companies. Requiring that tenants provide proof of renter’s insurance is a smart way to make sure your costs stay as low as possible. When your insurance refuses to cover tenant personal property or damage caused by tenant neglect, the renter might try to sue you personally. No property manager wants to deal with litigation, especially with a current tenant, so requiring renter’s insurance can help to save you this hassle.

There are virtually no cons with requiring tenants to have renter’s insurance. Tenants who understand the benefits of renter’s insurance are less likely to be upset by the requirement. They will appreciate the opportunity to have renter’s insurance to protect them and their belongings.

Charleston Property Management

If you’re interested in working with Charleston property management to rent your investment home, call Scott Properties today at 843-790-4929.



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Charleston Property Management in SC | Best Neighborhoods to Live in Charleston

Charleston Property Management

Moving to Charleston is sure to be one of the best decisions you’ve made; however, the city is so large and has so many different neighborhoods it might take some time to figure out which is best for your family. Working with Charleston property management in SC is a great way to locate which neighborhood will suit your needs best, but we’ll give you the rundown on some of our favorites.

Mount Pleasant-This Charleston suburb is often rated the #1 best neighborhood by Charleston property management in SC. The population is around 84,000 and offers a city feel in a suburban area with lots of restaurants, the best schools in Charleston, public parks and green spaces, and preserves a conservative, family atmosphere with single-family homes one of the most popular rental options.

Charleston-Living in the city is always an excellent choice for families or single people. The population is just over 133,000 and offers a dense suburban atmosphere with lots of bars, coffee shops, restaurants, galleries, and parks. The city tends to be more moderate leaning than conservative, and the public schools are rated above average. There are also many rentals available in the city, with nearly half of the residents choosing to rent their homes rather than own.

Folly Beach-The population is small, with less than 3,000 residents. Still, the area is perfect for young professionals that are looking for a suburban environment with high-value homes and conservative values. Single-family homes are popular rental options here, with the average rent being more than $1,000 per month. Folly Beach is perfect for people who want to live right on the water and enjoy coastal living.

Summerville- Families love Summerville because it is one of the best for raising children. There is more diversity here than in other neighborhoods in Charleston, and the pubic school systems are highly rated. About one-third of the 50,000+ popular rents, but the average home value is less than $200,000, which makes the rent in single-family homes more affordable than other neighborhoods.

Charleston property management in SC should be able to answer your questions about any of the neighborhoods in Charleston County. Each neighborhood offers its unique perks and benefits, and a property manager can help you find the perfect rental for you.

If you’re looking for property to rent in Charleston, contact Scott Properties at 843-790-4929.