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Charleston Property Management in SC | How to Write Great Rental Listings

Charleston Property Management

Charleston property management in SC is a competitive field with more than 260 homes listed for rent on Zillow at the time of this writing in Charleston and more than 700 apartments. This might seem like a lot of houses for rent. Still, with the continually growing population of the metropolitan area and surrounding communities, these homes rent quickly when the listings are well-written.

What Should Be Included in a Rental Listing?

The best rental listings will always have a defined target audience. Charleston property management in SC understands great listings being targets towards retirees will read differently than a listing for millennials or expanding families. Property managers should also know the details of the neighborhood, such as the school district, nearby amenities, and crime rates, and while it may seem obvious, the details of the home are essential to know.

You might be surprised at how often a listing has the wrong number of bedrooms, bathrooms, or square footage shown. You should also know if there is a garage, driveaway for off-street parking, fenced-in yard, swimming pools, or other stand-out features of the property. These details will also help interested renters see the value of the rent.

The most important factor to list is the price of rent and how to contact the Charleston property management in SC for a showing of the rental home. If the reader doesn’t know how to contact the property manager, the deal will never be completed.

Choose Your Words Carefully

Charleston property management in SC knows how important it is to choose your wording carefully when listing a property for rent. You want to avoid using superlatives, such as “the best” or “great.” Instead, focus on showing, not telling, the renter why the property stands out by using descriptions and details.  One example is rather than say, “this bedroom has the best views in town,” try, “The Master Bedroom has a balcony overlooking the immaculate backyard landscaping with views of the nearby lake and public park.”

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