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Best Rental Homes Charleston

Are you looking for rental homes Charleston, South Carolina? Are you moving from out of state and need help discovering where the best rental homes Charleston are? Scott Properties offers high-end, luxury rental homes in some of the best areas of South Carolina including Dewees Island, Isle of Palms, West Ashley, Folly Beach, Goosecreek, Mount Pleasant, and the city of Charleston. Renters who want to live their best life should consider these neighborhoods and Scott Properties for their rental home needs.

Dewees Island- Part of the barrier island, Dewees Island is great for renters because the island is secluded with only 150 homes total, no paved roads, and strict codes for the building. The properties on the island are exclusive and nestled in the woods with three miles of beach to view.

Isle of Palms-The Isle of Palms is thought to be more than 25,000 years old and former home to pirates. This island is great for renters who want waterfront property where they can sail, boat, and jet ski. Tenants with dogs, however, must obtain a permit from the Palms Police Department.

West Ashley- West Ashley is one of the districts of Charleston and has a population of 75,144 people. This neighborhood is perfect for city lovers who still want to enjoy waterfront vistas, and scenic views. The area was developed in the 1950’s and is currently being revitalized. Charleston’s largest shopping mall and the newest hospital are both located in West Ashley.

Folly Beach- Considered, the edge of America, Folly Beach is an attractive rental area for people who want to relax and enjoy artisanal experiences. The music and art scene is huge at Folly Beach, and there are many historic houses to choose from. Homes on Folly Beach average half a million dollars, making them one of the most affordable beach communities in the United States.

Goosecreek-Goosecreek is a smaller city with a population less than 40,000. Most of the residents in Goosecreek are middle class with home values averaging around $167,400. Goosecreek provides excellent rental homes Charleston for families with the average head of household being approximately 31 years old.

Mount Pleasant-Mount Pleasant is part of the top ten fastest growing neighborhoods in the country and is the most popular area of Charleston to live in. The public school system is fantastic, and there is plenty of shopping and entertainment in this city of 85,000 people.

If you are interested in the best rental homes Charleston, call Scott Properties today to see how we can help you find a home in Charleston!