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Charleston Property Management Can Increase Your Profits

Charleston Property Management | Property owners put a lot of time and money into running their rental businesses. The costs associated with your rental home can be much more than you realized when you first decided to start renting your properties. Marketing, lawn care, cleaning, repairs, maintenance, pest control, and other costs of renting a home can add up quickly over time. One way to rein in those costs is to hire Charleston property management to handle your rental business.

What Does Charleston Property Management Do?

Charleston property management should be used for your rental business because a property management company can take all the pressures off your shoulders. A property manager can handle the tasks of marketing your home, fielding phone calls from prospective tenants, showing the house, and the entire leasing process which includes screening tenants. After finding the perfect tenants, Charleston property management will be the person your tenants will go to for maintenance requests, rental arrangements, and other issues they may have. Charleston property management will also handle rental inspections, lease renewals, and relationships with vendors including pest control, cleaning, and lawn care services.

Making More Money

Hiring property management has a cost associated with it so you might wonder how you can make money while employing someone else to handle your rental business. Most property management companies work by taking a fee out of the rental price of the home. This is usually a flat fee that depends upon the terms of the contract with the Charleston property management company. Paying this fee every month greatly diminishes the hassle that comes along with the rental property.

Most property management companies also have relationships with the vendors they use that affords them discounts and special pricing on services. This savings helps to keep costs lower for the property owners. Property managers are also frequently in touch with tenants and can keep up with the state of the home which allows them to get ahead of repairs that could cost a lot down the road.

If you are ready to put your property into the hands of a qualified property manager so that you can start making more money, contact Scott Properties today!