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Charleston Property Management | Hardwood vs. Carpet in Rentals

Charleston Property Management | Hardwood vs. Carpet in Rentals

One of the things a Charleston property management company should consider when upgrading a rental home is whether to change the flooring. This choice usually comes into play when tenants move out of a home and have left the carpeting stained and ripped, or the hardwood floors scuffed and scratched. Check out the perks of hardwood and carpet so you can decide which is best for your rental home needs.

Pros and Cons of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring are easy to clean and maintain. Hardwood floors tend to last longer than carpet and with proper maintenance can even last the lifetime of the home, unlike carpet. Hardwood also enhances the overall look of your home which can help the property rent or sell faster. Charleston property management companies will save money on carpet cleaning services between tenants if they choose hardwood flooring instead.
The negative aspects of hardwood flooring include the initial cost of installation and the cost to restore if tenants damage the flooring. Moving furniture, spills that aren’t cleaned up, and moisture can ruin hardwood. Wood floors are also noisier than carpet and don’t absorb any of the sound from footsteps. Hardwood floors aren’t as warm as carpeting either and can be shocking on cold morning with bare feet.

Pros and Cons of Carpeting

Families tend to love carpeting when they have small children because carpeting is soft, plush, and doesn’t hurt as much when you fall. Carpeting is also warm and inviting and can make a room feel comfortable and inviting whereas hardwood can look stuffy and rigid. Carpeting also costs far less than hardwood to install.

The negatives associated with carpeting include the durability and longevity. Families with children or pets will wear the carpet down quickly forcing Charleston property management companies to replace it more often. This expense can add up quickly. To properly maintain the carpets in rental homes professional carpet cleaning needs to be completed at least once per year and this cost often will fall on the property manager as well.

There are several other styles of flooring that also make great options for rental homes including laminate and tile. However, carpeting and hardwood are the two best options for single-family rental homes in most cases.  If you’re looking for a property management company that understands how to increase your home value and potential, call Scott Properties at 843-972-9008.