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Charleston Property Management | The Hippest Neighborhoods in Charleston (Scott Properties)

Charleston Property Management | The Hippest Neighborhoods in Charleston 

Charleston Property Management | The under 35 population is renting rather than buying homes, which are great news for Charleston property management companies because single-family home rentals are more popular than ever before. If you’ve been wondering about the best neighborhoods to start your rental property business, just check out the hippest neighborhoods in Charleston to see where you should buy a property. 

Harleston Village- College students, recent graduates, and academic types love living in Harleston Village because of it’s proximity to the College of Charleston. Harleston is also pretty swanky and affluent with large houses, streets lined with mossy oak trees, and antebellum architecture. 

Wagener Terrace- Located on the downtown peninsula, Wagener Terrace has a hip, cool vibe with many local bars, gastro pubs, restaurants, and many amazing parks. Bill Murray even owns a restaurant in this part of town which he sometimes hangs out at. If you want to rent a house in a neighborhood with all the best food, Charleston property management can help you find the perfect property in Wagener Terrace. 

Avondale- On the west side of the downtown peninsula in the West Ashley region of Charleston is a cool neighborhood known for its trendy bars and restaurants. Avondale is full of young professionals and small families, artists, boutique stores, and the West Ashley Bikeway—an almost 8-mile stretch that residents can walk, run, or bike on through downtown and the other neighborhoods in Charleston. 

Mount Pleasant- This coastal neighborhood is nearby downtown and the beaches and is known for its excellent public school system and family-friendly environment. Many of the people who live in Mount Pleasant have lived there for generations and is a conservative neighborhood. 

The Islands- One of the most popular places to live in Charleston are the islands. The neighborhoods on the island are pricy but elegant and the only oceanfront public schools in the continental US are in Sullivan’s Island. 

If you’ve recently bought property in one of these neighborhoods and need Charleston property management to help you rent your home, call Scott Properties at 843-790-0148.