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Charleston Property Management | How You Can Improve Your Charleston Property Management Service

Charleston is a vacation destination but also has a huge population and a lot of renters. When you have a Charleston property management service, you’ll want to do everything you can to expand your business as homes are turned into rental property. Of course, you can’t just jump into managing multiple single-family homes without improving your property management service. Here are a few things the best Charleston property management companies do when they are expanding their properties:

1. Online Owner Portal- Communication between a property owner and a Charleston property management company needs to be easy, simple, and fluid. When you use property management software to utilize tenant and owner portals for online rent payment, uploading lease or vendor documents, maintenance requests, and even email with owners.

2. Be Flexible- When a Charleston property management company begins taking on new owner clients, they need to have ways of being flexible because each owner and property will be different. Some owners may not like using an online owner portal to communicate and prefer phone calls. Others might want extraordinarily little contact with your Charleston property management service, while others may want to checkin frequently. It is up to the property manager to be flexible with their clients.

3. Use Efficient Processes- Whenever possible, a Charleston property management company should use the same screening, leasing, and maintenance processes with each of the homes they manage. While there may be some minor differences in what owners want, most will leave the property management in the manager’s hands and remain mostly handsoff. The more the company can streamline the processes involved in renting, the more units they can handle.

4. Use Preferred Vendors- Establish relationships with local vendors such as cleaning services, painters, plumbers, electricians, etc. When you have multiple homes that need maintenance and repairs, establishing a list of preferred vendors will usually save a Charleston property management company a lot of time and money.

If you own rental property and are looking for a Charleston property management company that is efficient, flexible, great at communication, and can save you money, call Scott Properties at 843-790-0148.