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Charleston Property Management in Charleston SC | Questions Landlords Must Avoid Asking

One of the most important parts of being involved in Charleston property management in Charleston SC is understanding fair housing laws. In South Carolina, discriminating against tenants based on race, color, sex, religion, national origin, handicaps, and familiar status is illegal. One thing property managers and landlords must be careful of is asking questions that would lead to discriminatory behavior.

Questions Landlords Cannot Ask Tenants in South Carolina

There are many questions that cannot be asked by Charleston property management in Charleston SC. Landlords and property managers should be sure never to ask any questions centered around the protected classes. Some examples include:

Questions about their sexuality or gender

Questions about their family status or children

Questions about where their family comes from (national origin)

Questions about accessibility, health, or handicaps

There are a few exceptions to the Fair Housing Act that people who work in Charleston property management in Charleston SC can make including if the housing is classified for senior living only. Property managers can also put limitations in the lease on how many individuals can reside in one single-family home. Typically, two people per bedroom is the accepted rule of thumb.

Is Anyone Exempt from Fair Housing Laws?

There are a couple of rental situations where landlords are exempt from having to follow Fair Housing Law in addition to homes specifically designed for senior living.

  • When the owner lives in the building and there are no more than four units total
  • Single-family houses that are rented without the use of an agent such as Charleston property management in Charleston SC companies.
  • Private housing managed by religious affiliations or clubs that only allow members to occupy the housing.

Property owners who utilize third party property management services must follow all Fair Housing Act guidelines. However, property owners that are also the landlords have less stringent restrictions.

If you want to ensure you are complying with Fair Housing Act laws and regulations, hire our property managers to take the burden off your shoulders by calling Scott Properties at 843-790-4929.