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Charleston Property Management | Top Reasons Why A Property Manager Gets Fired

Charleston Property Management | Finding the perfect property manager can be difficult, and some property owners may go through more than one property manager before they find the best one for long term employment. If singlefamily home property managers want to ensure they have a great working relationship with the homeowners, there are a few things they can do (or not do) that could help them to keep the job and not get fired.

Check out the most common reasons that property managers tend to get fired:

1. Property Maintenance- A home is a huge investment for owners, and they need to rely on their property manager to ensure that the property is being kept in good shape. Tenants have a big responsibility in keeping homes intact; however, the property manager needs to ensure that maintenance issues are taken care of promptly, so they don’t become worse, and that they are doing inspections and holding tenants accountable. When homes start to fall apart, and things aren’t getting fixed, a property manager is likely to be fired.

2. Communication Issues- Working with people you cannot communicate with is difficult, and homeowners and property managers need to be able to do this easily. One of the best ways is to use an online portal where you can upload documents and manage tenant accounts online. Make communication with the owner easy, so you don’t need to worry about being fired over a miscommunication.

3. Poor Occupancy Rates- If a property manager is not keeping homes rented out, the owner isn’t making any money. In fact, they may be seeing a lot of money going to waste on employees and marketing, which will not bode well for the property manager. You have to keep homes filled to keep your job.

Property managers who can keep homes in good shape, communicate well, and keep homes filled, will have great success in this industry.

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