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How A Property Manager Can Gear up For Leasing Season

Summer is upon us and people love to move in and out during this time. The kids are out of school, they have vacation time, the weather if warm, and there are rental homes available in Charleston, South Carolina that never stay vacant long. With hundreds of families moving to Charleston every month, there will always be a need for rental homes. Charleston America’s largest and fastest growing city and a property manager needs to gear up for leasing season if they have any vacant properties.

  1. Schedule Open House Showings

    Trying to book back to back appointments to show a rental home can be hard. When appointments go long, or people arrive late, this can put a kink in your entire day and even drive away tenants because they don’t want to wait. A terrific way to solve this problem is for a property manager to schedule an open house. When leads call in to inquire about rentals, the property manager or leasing agents can invite them to the open house. Try to have a several hour time frames that the rental homes will be open.

  2. Make Sure Marketing is Updated

    Make sure you are advertising the correct homes that you have for lease. Properties may begin to fill up quickly and a property manager will need to update marketing frequently to advertise what is left for leasing. A property manager should also gear up with bright, new color flyers, brochures, and applications before the rush of leasing season starts. They may also want to have pens, coasters, or other promotional items for prospects to take with them after showing the home.

  3. Turn the Home Quickly

    When a tenant moves out, depending on the use and damages, the turn may take several weeks. If you have tenants moving out during the height of leasing season, try to get the rental home turned as quickly as possible. One thing a property manager can do is hire seasonal maintenance workers that can help out with tasks such as turns, maintenance, and landscaping.

If managing rentals homes during leasing season seems like something you would like to leave to a professional team that includes a property manager, and staff, give Scott Properties a call today.