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How A Property Manager Markets Your Home

Having a property manager available to manage your rental property is convenient and easy. A property manager will handle all day to day tasks associated with rental property, leaving you time to enjoy your residual income in peace. However, sometimes an owner may be curious as to the inner workings of a property manager and the process of renting their home out.

One of the first processes that your property manager will being is marketing your rental home. Your property will not attract tenants if prospects don’t realize the home is available. Marketing is the most important aspect to a rental business and your property manager will know how to attract the best renters. Here are some of the ways your property manager markets your home:

  1. Improve Curb Appeal-Before a property manager even thinks about marketing the property, they want to make sure the property looks the best it can on the outside. To market your home, you will need pictures of the exterior. A property manager also wants the prospective renters to have a good impression of the home when they are giving a showing.
  2. “For Rent” Sign-Yard signs might not always be attractive, but they are necessary. Your property manager should use a professionally printed yard sign that tells walkers and people driving by that the home is available for rent and how to get in contact. How many bedrooms and bathrooms the home includes may also be information printed on the sign.
  3. Get the Word Out-A yard sign is not enough to advertise that your property is for rent. Depending on your package with the rental company hire, the property manager may advertise your property for rent on the radio, commercials, social media advertisements, social media groups, billboards, digital signs, and more. Most companies will list on craigslist and local newspapers as well.

Knowing that your property manager is using all available resources to ensure your property is rented in two weeks or less can ease much anxiety from the minds of property owners.