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How Charleston Property Management Companies Can Market to Millennial’s

Working for Charleston property management companies means that you need to know how to market homes to millennials because they make up over half of the population. Millennials are entering their thirties and beginning their families meaning that they are looking to leave their apartments and make the transition to single-family homes.

Charleston, property management companies, should focus their marketing towards millennials by talking about neighborhood safety, the ratings of schools in the neighborhood, access to locally owned businesses, the arts district and downtown Charleston. Millennials also tend to care about the ecological sustainability of homes, and in Charleston, you want to mention how close the beach is from the front door as well.

Charleston property management companies also need to keep up with the latest hip restaurants as Charleston is known as a foodie city, and millennials especially love to eat out and try new foods. Millennials also care about outdoor activities such as boating, kayaking, and fishing so being able to tell prospective tenants that your rental home is near these can be a great selling point.

Millennials also love technology and Charleston property management companies should try to make minor technology updates as often as possible. These can be digital thermostats, new smart appliances, water saving motion detection fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen, and much more. Millennials also care about home safety and rental properties that have security systems are a great selling point.

Swimming pools not only raise home value but can also appeal to millennials who like to entertain their friends and family. Marketing a rental home to millennials is important for Charleston property management companies to thrive, let Scott Properties handle renting your single-family home so that you don’t have to bear the burden of marketing and leasing.