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How Spot a Smooth Operating Property Management Business

Property management companies are much greater than just the property manager that is taking care of renting out the home. A property management company sometimes purchases homes and properties, employs many property managers that manage the day to day business of those homes and properties and much more. Many property management companies use in house maintenance crews and vendors for all the properties they own or manage and can get great discounts on services and products this way. If you are opening a property management business, or looking to work with one, there are few key traits that smoothing operating property management businesses all have.


  1. They Hire Well-Owning a property management company means hiring the best people to represent the company. Maintenance crews, property managers, leasers, and vendors all need to be selected carefully. A property management company that hires the cheapest bidder for the job is one that should be avoided. Quality of services should never be a low priority for a great property management business.


2. High Occupancy-Property management companies that have a lot of vacancies should be questioned. Are they vacant due to a recent remodel and the units are all just now available or are all the company’s properties unkept? Does the property management company have a bad reputation? When there are high occupancy rates this means that people want to rent from them, want to keep renting, and are happy with the property management company.


3. They Are Responsive-Property management companies need to be responsive in all aspects of their business. When an email comes through the leasing software from a potential renter, someone should respond to it before the end of the business day. Companies that offer walk-in appointments for tours of available properties should make sure that there is always someone available to help.


Property management companies with great teams, high occupancy, and proven responsiveness are the best to hire to manage your rental home!