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How to Make Tenants Love the Property Manager

The property manager is often made to be the bad guy with some tenants. The property manager is the person who calls tenants when they are late on rent, adds the late fees onto the account, must deliver the eviction notices. Property managers are often the bearer of bad news and the person tenants only speak to when they are having a problem.

One of the key characteristics of a successful property manager is the ability to have positive relationships with tenants. As a property owner, you never want tenants to be so at odds with the property manager that they are demanding for your information. You hired a property manager so that you wouldn’t be involved in tenants disputes, right? There are a few things you can do to help your tenants and property managers have great relationships.

  1. Give Notice-If you have been the one managing your own rental properties you should give notice to the tenants that you will be hiring a property manager. Do not shock your tenants by thinking you are leaving them high and dry.
  2. Have a Meet and Greet-Before you hand over the reins to a property manager, hold a meet and greet so that your tenants can meet the new property manager face to face. You can let everyone know who the knew person in charge is.
  3. Give Your Property Manager a Budget for Tenant Relations-If you really want to improve relationships between your property manager and tenants give them a budget for tenant relations. Allow the property manager to purchase a potted plant for each residence in the spring to put on their porch, or a new welcome mat each year after the snowy season. These small touches will show your tenants that the property manager cares.

Hiring a property manager is a big decision that can over very well or very poorly with tenants. Make sure to start off tenants relations on the right foot by doing the three steps above!