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Let Charleston Property Management Companies Handle Your Tenant Evictions

Let Charleston Property Management Companies Handle Your Tenant Evictions

Charleston Property Management | One of the biggest headaches that come with owning rental property is when you have to evict a tenant. No doubt tensions between property owners and tenants can be high when the tenant isn’t paying rent or has enough lease violations to warrant eviction. When you have multiple properties, spending time in court and filling out piles of paperwork is the last thing you want or have time to be doing. When you hire one of the Charleston property management companies to handle your rental business, you don’t ever have to be burdened by the eviction process ever again.

In South Carolina, landlords must follow a rigorous process and meet all the requirements mandated by the landlord-tenant laws of South Carolina. If landlords make a mistake during the process, the eviction may be found invalid which is why using Charleston property management companies to help you manage your rental properties is ideal for all homeowners.

Charleston, property management companies, are experts at rent collections. The goal of all property managers is to collect the rent without having to go through the eviction process. The best way to avoid the eviction process is to properly screen tenants. Scott Properties has the ability to conduct credit and background checks on prospective renters to ensure that your renters are qualified. A Scott Properties property manager can also check tenant references and verify income.

The eviction process is lengthy and costly and although landlords can request that the judge order the evicted tenant to pay for court costs, procuring this payment can take time, and the money can trickle in very slowly. Avoiding eviction is the best option for landlords and hiring Scott Properties to manage your rental homes is the best choice you can make. Contact Scott Properties today for a consultation!