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Lowcountry Property Management | Tips for A Successful Property Showing

Lowcountry Property Management

Every great Lowcountry property management company understands how important a property showing is to getting a home rented. However, giving a tour of a property is not as easy as some people might think. There are many tasks that go on behind the scenes to prepare for a property tour and all these things help the tenant fall in love with their next home.

When property showings go poorly however, prospective tenants can not only leave your home vacant, they might leave bad reviews or tell friends about their negative experience with your company. However, the best Lowcountry property management home tours can have everyone in town raving about your amazing homes. If you want rave reviews and homes that are always leased, follow these tips for a successful property showing.

  • Clean and Pristine- Before you start showing a property to tenants you should always tour the home yourself first to ensure the home is clean, everything is in order and any last-minute maintenance has been completed. You never want a tenant to see a home that is not move-in ready.
  • Dress it up- Empty homes do not inspire tenants. Having a few pieces of home décor and furniture can help tenants imagine themselves living in the home and get excited about moving in their own belongings. You should also try to give special attention to the outside of the home as well such as flower beds, potted plants, a clean porch, and fresh cut grass.
  • Application Folders- Single-family home rentals are generally not located on the same property as the Lowcountry property management office. Getting prospects to come back to the office to apply immediately can be difficult, but you can make sure each prospect leaves with a folder full of enticing literature such as a picture of the home with the specs, an application, instructions on how to turn in the application and what other documents are needed, and information about your company.

Property showings are the most important part of the rental process. They will make the tenant fall in love or turn them off completely. However, a great showing can lead to long-term tenants and keep your properties full.

If you need a professional Lowcountry property management company to help you with your properties, call Scott Properties at 843-790-4929.