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Most Common Repairs A Property Manager Can Expect

The most common phone calls a property manager can expect is a maintenance request. In fact, a property manager with multiple homes to manage will probably receive several of these calls per day. If the property manager works for a large real estate corporation, that company will field dozens of maintenance requests daily. There are a few common repairs that a property manager can expect and should always be prepared for.

Broken Appliances-Appliances are used frequently and subject to wear and tear over the years. While some tenants may take care of the stove, refrigerator, or dishwasher, other tenants aren’t as careful. Unless the appliance is broken due to tenant damage, the property manager will be responsible for making repairs. This also includes heating and cooling units.

Leaking Water-When a tenant calls about a leaky roof, this could be a sign of a much bigger problem. Roofs are subject to a lot of weather damage, wear and tear and can develop leaks. When there is a storm and the tenant call about water dripping from the ceiling, the roof may need a patch. There could also be problems with the drainage away from the house (gutter system).

Faucets Dripping or Leaking-Leaking pipes are a common problem in single family homes and most renters don’t know what to do. Pipes could be leaking below the sink or the faucet could be dripping. These are easy fixes for someone that knows what they are doing, but the property manager will frequently need to send maintenance to resolve these issues.

Bug Infestation-Not every call about bugs leads to a diagnosis of an infestation. Depending on where the property is located there may be several different insects or rodents that are prone to getting into homes. Tenants may call about a spider they see on the wall, gnats accumulating in their kitchen, or beetles congregating on their patios. Depending on the situation there may not be much a property manager can do to keep outdoor pests, and some indoor pests at bay. Using pest control services between tenants is a great way to control bug problems inside the home.

If you’re a property manager be prepared to field maintenance issues like these and hire maintenance men that know how to resolve these issues.