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Property Management | How to Deal with Hoarding Renters

Charleston property management companies understand that when it comes to the rental home you own, you want that property to be taken care of and increase in value. When a property manager does an inspection or has a cause for concern to be raised about a possible hoarding situation, what can they do about it? Hoarding can result in home damage, and even make a rental home uninhabitable which is why Charleston property management companies should act over hoarding quickly.


Know the Tenants’ Rights


Hoarding has is classified as a mental health disorder subtype of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Being recognized as a health condition by the American Psychiatric Association qualifies hoarders for protections under the Federal Fair Housing Act as a disability. This means that you cannot forcefully evict someone for being a hoarder and Charleston property managers must make reasonable accommodations for hoarders before evicting.


What’s Considered Hoarding?


Messy and cluttered spaces do not constitute hoarding unless the behavior results in emergency exits being blocked, prevents sprinkler systems or ventilation from working, attracts pests, or create hazards for other tenants.


How to Confront a Tenant


Before you confront a tenant, you need to ensure that your lease enables you to do so. A proper lease will require tenants to keep their rental homes in a safe, clean condition, free from pests and hazards. Remind the tenant that their lease obliges them to these standards and see if the matter can be resolved without escalation.


What Reasonable Accommodations Must You Offer?


Reasonable accommodations are vague and may vary state to state but generally speaking, most judges will see a proven offer to the tenant of being able to rent additional space or giving an option to rent a storage unit within the realm of reasonable. You might also consider offering to allow them to rent a bigger home if they qualify or home with a garage or basement.


Evicting anyone is a complicated process, but it can be even more so when that tenant is a hoarder. If you want to prevent these situations from happening at your rental property, call Scott Properties today!