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Property Management | Why You Shouldn’t Expect Tenants to Do Lawncare

Property Management | One of the more important aspects to your curb appeal of a rental home is the lawn and landscaping. When a prospective tenant pulls up to a house for the first time, they don’t want to see dead grass or trees with a disease, muddy holes, or cracked sidewalks with weeds growing through. When new tenants see a home that is well cared for, they put more trust in the Charleston property management companies and are more eager to sign a lease.

Some Charleston property management companies require that tenants maintain the lawn and provide lawn services such as mowing, raking, and pulling weeds. While it may seem like common sense for people that live in homes to know how to take care of the lawn and garden, many families are too busy to put much attention into their yard space.

Some tenants may mow, pull weeds, and keep the bushes trimmed but detailed landscaping and large yards require more than just the necessary upkeep. When tenants move out and leave the yard and landscaping trashed, repairing the mess can be costly and take a long time preventing you from showing the home. Charleston, property management companies, will see much better results by using their service vendors to take care of the lawn and garden chores for homes.
Tenants are also more likely to rent from Charleston property management companies that include perks such as lawn care in their lease agreements. More families are willing to pay more in rent if outside chores such as mowing, landscaping, and weeding are left up to the professionals. Being able to charge more for rent can offset the cost of yard maintenance and ensure that the property value continues to go up each year which will make the property owner more than happy.

Give Scott Properties a call if you are interested in working with a Charleston property management company that provides more than just rent collection.