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Property Manager Myths You Should Dismiss

Property Manager | If you have decided to turn your home into a rental property, you should immediately consider hiring a property manager. There are a lot of headaches that come along with managing a rental home and a property manager can take all these burdens off your shoulders. However, there are a few common myths you may have heard about property managers that we urge you to dismiss completely!

1. A Property Manager Will Cost Too Much
You decided to rent your home to make money not spend money, right? When property owners try to manage their own properties, especially at a distance, they incur a lot of costs such as failed marketing attempts, discounting rent to fill vacancies quickly, and sometimes even being taken advantage of by residence maintenance issues because you are not there to see the issue for yourself. A property manager will increase your net income in almost every instance.

2. I Won’t Have Any Control Over My Property
Letting someone else manage something that is as large of an investment as property is a big decision to make. Many property owners worry that they will no longer have control over who lives in their rental homes or what happens to them. When you hire a property manager, the specifics of how you want the job done and the property management company policies will all be included in a contract. Let a property manager handle the day to day business of managing your property and serve as a liaison when needed.

3. I Won’t Know the People Living in My Home
One of the aspects of rental property that most home owners have a hard time letting go of is choosing who they lease to. When you use a property manager, you can be sure that your tenants will be leased to based on fair housing laws and ADA regulations. A property manager will be up to date on all current landlord tenant law and ordinances in your area and can also perform background checks on potential leases depending on their company software.

Hiring a property manager will make your life much easier and increase your net income. Make sure to contact Scott Properties for rental home management in South Carolina.