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Property Manager | Is Investing in Single-Family Rental Real Estate a Good Idea?

Property Manager | Is Investing in Single-Family Rental Real Estate a Good Idea?

Making investments is a great way to protect your financial future for retirement or uncertain economic times. However, knowing what to invest your money in can be a challenging task. The housing market rises and falls it seems, and after the recession more than ten years ago, some people are still wary of investing in single-family rental real estate. If you ask any property manager however, this real estate niche is still growing, evolving, and seeing profits.

There are two major trends that the single-family rental niche has benefitted from. The first is the baby boomer generation selling their family homes and downsizing, leaving great properties for sale to real estate investors. Some of these baby boomers who have their mortgages paid off are even going into the property management business themselves and renting out their large homes. The second trend is the fact that millennials who grew up during the recession are wary of buying a home and experiencing another economic disaster, so they are looking for single-family homes to rent from a property manager.

Housing Market Forecast for Charleston 2020

The economy in South Carolina is great, with historically low unemployment numbers. However, the current trade war has made investors wary of another economic crash. Global markets including China and Germany have also slowed their trading, and interest rates have been in flux after the Federal Reserve raised its key borrowing measure four times in 2018 and then lowered in 2019. However, there is great news for the housing market.

Labor market predictions have remained stable and strong throughout the year, which is the biggest predictor of the housing market, according to top economists. There are more jobs than people to fill them, which means more workers will have to be brought in to fill positions, and those workers will need to rent a home from a property manager who specializes in single-family homes. All of this means that now is the perfect time to invest in a single-family home and a property manager that can maximize your return on investment.

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