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Property Manager | What You Should Never Mention on Property Tours

Property Manager | What You Should Never Mention on Property Tours

One of the most important jobs a property manager has is to ensure that homes are not vacant for long. When a tenant moves out of a home and another tenant is not lined up to move in, you might find yourself spending days on end meeting potential renters and giving them tours of the home. When giving prospects the rundown on a home, you want to sell them on the very best features while also making sure that the home will be the right fit. While you should never lie to a tenant, there are a few things you should avoid mentioning when giving a property tour.

Here’s what a Property Manager should avoid mentioning while giving a tour

  1. Previous Tenants- Prospective renters may ask you about the previous tenants but a property manager should remember to keep private information to themselves. You shouldn’t discuss with tenants the race, nationality, age, job, or other identifying information about past tenants. In the same regard you should avoid speaking ill about past tenants as a good business practice and moral decency.
  2. Pest Control Problems- The last thing you want to do is announce how the last tenant had a cockroach problem that pest control has mitigated. Prospective tenants will be unlikely to believe the problem is gone and worry that the home is not clean. Unless there is a current pest control issue that needs to be addressed there is no need to delve into the past. Instead, let tenants know about your pest control policy and any regular pest control maintenance such as preventative spraying that is provided by the property manager.
  3. Don’t Make Assumptions- Never assume that the people touring the property can’t afford it, won’t like it, or aren’t going to qualify for the home. You also shouldn’t assume that all the great aspects of the neighborhood will be favored by the prospective tenants so keeping statements general and trying to leave out opinion is also a great rule of thumb.

Property managers and leasing professionals should have great salesmanship skills and be able to market your property the right way to ensure low vacancy and quality tenants. Many landlords and leasers make the mistake of saying the wrong thing during showings that send potential tenants running the other direction. Don’t let the same thing happen to you!

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