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Rental Homes Charleston Island Living

Rental Homes Charleston: Island Living

Property Manager | Everyone dreams of having their own private island, but few people can achieve it. However, when you search for rental homes Charleston you will find that island living is possible, even in the United States. There are 35 islands that make up the barrier island of South Carolina, and a few of them have communities where people are welcome to live.

Best Islands for Rental Homes Charleston

Sullivan Island- If living in luxury is vital to you, Sullivan Island is where you want to live. This barrier island is only 15 minutes from downtown Charleston and is the former home of famous poet, Edgar Allan Poe.

Isle of Palms- This is the perfect place to turn investment property into a rental property. The island is famous as a family vacation spot with beach houses and a world-class marina.

Hilton Head Island- The island is a city town that boasts a high quality of life with the highest median income in the state. One of the most desirable places to rent, the market rent value is higher here than other areas of Charleston.

Kiawah Island- This island has a small population of fewer than 1,500 people, but that number increases tenfold in the summertime when nearly 10,000 people visit daily. The economy is tourism based, with a lot of outdoor recreation. The mean home price on the island is almost one million dollars. There are few amenities on the island, however, and no hospital.

Fripp Island- The entire island is a private gated community with less than 900 residents who live on the island all year, but nearly 5,000 people who reside on Fripp Island in the summer. The island is only 6.5 square miles, but home prices are less than other islands around Charleston.

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