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Rental Homes Charleston Why Live Here

Rental Homes Charleston: Why Live Here


Property Management | Charleston, South Carolina has been named by Travel and Leisure Magazine as one of the Top Fifteen best cities to live in the world. Charleston is named among the famous cities of Rome, Istanbul, Cape Town, Florence, and Kyoto Japan. What is so great about finding rental homes Charleston and what is attracting so many people to beach living?


Environmentally Friendly


You may not think that a tourist town such as Charleston could be environmentally friendly, but Charleston is the top city in the United States for its low environmental impact among many other reasons. Biking is huge in and around Charleston due to the beautiful weather that lasts all year and the paved streets. There are many bike sharing programs throughout the area. The Islands and the coast of Charleston are protected, and homes here must adhere to strict environmental standards, especially on some of the islands where there are no paved roads.


Fun and Entertainment


Families love rental homes Charleston because of the endless fun and entertainment options for children, adults, and families. The good weather that lasts all year brings many beachfront festivals and concerts to the Charleston.


Charleston is also one of the best cities to live in for water sports lovers. Kiteboarding, kayaking, sailing, deep sea fishing, surfing, and other outdoor adventures are popular in Charleston. The city is also a historic haven with sites dating back to the revolutionary and civil wars. There are dozens of preserved plantations, forts, and other monuments that have stood the test of time.


The arts scene is remarkable in Charleston. The oldest community theater in the United States is located in Charleston, and there are professional ballet companies and symphonies in town as well. The French Quarter is home to more than thirty galleries and art museums.


If you are interested in living in Charleston call Scott Properties today to see how we can help you rent your home in Charleston!