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Top Four Reasons Why Tenants Complain

Charleston property management companies know that tenant complaint is part of the job. A property manager may receive dozens of calls a day from tenants who need maintenance or have a complaint about their home or neighbors. Getting ahead of the most common reasons why tenants complain will help free your time for important business matters.

  1. Home Dirty Upon Move in-The most common complaint from new tenants is that the rental home was not clean when they moved in. Charleston property management companies most likely have the home cleaned professionally top to bottom when they are turning the home for the next tenant, however after days or weeks of showing the home, dust, and dirt can settle and make the home look dirty. Before you hand over the keys to a rental home, take a walk through with a feather duster and do one last inspection.
  2. My Landlord Never Calls Back-Tenants expect their Charleston property management companies to get back to them quickly, especially if there is an emergency maintenance situation. Property managers should be keeping track of their tenant calls and responding as soon as possible to keep good tenant relationships.
  3. Pests!When rental homes sit empty, it is common for spiders and other insects to enter the home. No matter how clean the rental home is or how many times the pest control people came through, pests can become a problem at no fault to the homeowner. However, if a tenant complains about pests, you should contact your pest control company immediately and let the tenant know of the appointment time for extermination.
  4. My Appliance is Broken-There are many different repairs that tenants will request from leaky faucets to stoves that stop working or HVAC that runs out of freon. There are no preventing maintenance issues that are part of normal wear and tear, but you can insist that your maintenance crew checks appliances when they are turning the home.

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