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What You Need to Know About Being A Property Manager

Property Manager | Do you love real estate, customer service, sales and meeting new people? Are you thinking about becoming a property manager? Being a property manager may seem like a lot of fun, but not everyone can cut it in the competitive marketplace. Here is what you need to know about being a property manager, so you can decide if it is truly the right fit for you.

1. You Must Always Be Available- You may have regular office hours that you hold for leasing, but once you have tenants, you have to be available for maintenance emergencies, issues paying rent, and other tenant issues at all hours of the day. There are answering services that can help field calls outside of normal business hours but if a tenant has true emergency you will be expected to handle it, whether it happens at 3 in the morning or on a Sunday Afternoon.

2. You Must Love People- Working as a property manager means that you will have to love people. You must be comfortable talking to people on the phone, through emails, and in person. You have to be friendly, outgoing and have excellent sales and customer service skills. If you aren’t comfortable around new people or don’t consider yourself a salesperson, being a property manager is not for you.

3. You Must Think Quickly- Making decisions in the moment is important for a property manager to be able to do. When your tenants have an emergency, you must be able to react quickly. If a tenant confrontation is escalating, you must be able quickly diffuse the situation while still protecting the property. A property manager needs to not only be able to make snap decisions, but those decisions must be the right decision. Decision making is a huge responsibility to have.

If you read through these three requirements for being a property manager and believe you are still cut out for the position, this may just be the correct career path for you!