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What Your Property Manager Does After A Move-out

Property Manager | One of the most hectic times for a property manager is after a move-out. Renting a house after a move out may seem like a simple process—clean it up, market, re-rent, but there are a lot of steps that go along with that process that must be done before new tenants can move in.

  1. Move out Inspection-You never really know what kind of condition a tenant will leave the rental property in when they move out (this is why a good deposit is recommended). When a property manager gets the keys to a rental home back and goes to check it out the first thing they will do is a move out inspection. They will notate the details of the state of the residence, take pictures and assess damages.
  2. Turning the Home-Turning a home means to get it back into shape for the new tenants. This means repairing any damages, repainting, cleaning carpets, and other needed task. This process can take a few days or even longer depending on the state of the home. A cleanout will be done first that takes away anything left in the house by the tenants before repair men or a crew can come in and do the hard work. A deep clean is usually completed after all repairs are made and are the last step before the home is ready to start marketing
  3. Pest Control-Depending on prior issues in the home, company policy, or the state of the home upon move out, pest control is usually performed such as spraying for insects. Cockroaches and bedbugs are two of the most common pests to find in rental homes, and most property managers will have pest control services between tenants.
  4. Marketing-Your property manager may use many different means to advertise a rental home from posting classified ads or advertisement on social media or websites designed for people searching for rental homes. Tv, radio and billboard advertisements may also be possible. After a date is confirmed for the house to be ready, marketing will begin.

The four steps that must be completed before leasing can begin are vital to a successful lease. A great property manager should be able to have little space between renters so that your influx of cash doesn’t slow down. Call Scott Properties today to see how we can help you rent your home in Charleston!